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Dance2Vinyl The Vinyl Only DJ
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True DJ's Use Vinyl

Welcome to Dance2Vinyl, a pure Vinyl DJ / Drive-In concept.

Unlike most modern DiscJockeys, we don't use digital music and devises.
We prefer the old school method. 
Loving the sound, feeling and needed effort to play Vinyl records on the Technics SL1210 MK2 turntables.

The Dance2Vinyl DJ's use there own record collection to bring back that underground OldSchool feeling.
Were loving it all, House, Dance and EDM music, its all in our collection.
From the early 80's, until the most modern styles.
We play the styles you want to hear:​
(Click to preview)

Underground & white labels , Club House ,
Latin / Ibiza Lounce , Easy Club , Disco Club ,
Trance , Techno , UK Hard House , 
Deep House , UK Garage , Funky Beats ,
Drum & Bass , UK Breakbeat , Jungle , Trap , DubStep ,
Old School Classics, Happy Hardcore , Top 40 Housemusic , 
Acid , Jack , Turn up the Bass House Classics , etc .
Check out our Facebook page for more info and agenda.
Also it's possible to add a Saxofoon player or Breakdance act to make the felling even better and complete.
Check here some pictures, video's and for our contact page.
Real DJ's Use Vinyl, so let's Dance2Vinyl
Is it to much House and Dance?
Check our other concept with all kinds of music from Vinyl. Interactive and nostalgic.


Dance2Vinyl      Pure House & Dance Vinyl      Drive-In DJ      Technics SL1210 MK2

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